"a groundswell of creative resistance to cultural appropriation and erasure"

Founder + Artistic Director | CHIMAERA
pronouns: they, them, theirs
Close-up photo of CHIMAERA, a Black, queer, non-binary artist and founder of Groundswell in a gold dress with gold septum piercing, onyx arrowhead earrings and a tattoo of Queen Nefertiti on their left shoulder. 
CHIMAERA is a northwest based interdisciplinary artist, curator, producer, arts programming consultant and community organizer. They identify as a Black, queer non-binary empath and Afro-futurism enthusiast who believes that embodied narratives and immersive storytelling can aide in the healing of ancestral trauma and combat the mental and emotional impacts of oppression. 
Their work focuses on innovative mixed media performance art and multisensory cultural healing spaces that center the experiences and identities of marginalized peoples. 
They have collaborated with artists and organizations from a wide range of disciplines including Visionary Justice StoryLab's Grrrl Justice: a triptych, Forward Flux Production's The Wedding Gift and After Orlando, Christopher Jordan's Vigil to Ourselves: undead and COLORED, and Creative Resistance and Expression Workshop with Blanket Fort Films and Northwest Film Forum. 
Current and past support includes: Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, 4Culture, Pride Foundation, City of Tacoma Arts Commission, North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA), City of Tacoma Central Neighborhood Council, The Grand Cinema, Blanket Fort Films, Northwest Film Forum and KUOW. 
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